I knew that when my husband and I bought our new house last year that we were going to have to make some decisions about the outside. The property had a lot of potential if you could see past the junky look of it. The previous owners had taken excellent care of the interior, but they had pretty much ignored the outside. I knew that we could do a lot of the work ourselves, but I also knew that I would need to consult with a company that handles Nassau County tree removal because there were just way too many trees close to the house.

Since they had not been taken care of in so long, it actually looked like a small jungle the closer you got to the house. I have nothing against trees at all. In fact, I think that every nice sized yard looks better with trees in it. However, this was just overkill. I knew that a lot of the trees were probably not even healthy because they had been neglected for so long. I decided rather than fret over it, I would contact a tree service company to come out and help with it.

When they got there, I think even they were surprised at the overall appearance. They looked at all of the trees right around the house, and many of them did have to come down because of either disease or they were already dead. I wanted to see what it looked like with those trees down first, and then I would make the decision on whether I wanted more trees to come down or not. It looked much better once they removed the nine trees that needed to be gone, so we just had them prune the rest. The difference is literally night and day!